No Such Thing as Spot Loss

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Myths

One of the most common myths is working out specific areas of the body to target the fat localized to that area:

“I need to do more sit-ups/crunches to reduce this belly fat.”

Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way.  Fat loss occurs all over the body at the same time as the body processes it.  The difference and the unfairness behind that is that while fat loss occurs evenly throughout, fat accumulation does not.

And that’s why it seems that the “trouble spots” like the belly seem to be the toughest to get rid of.  There was just more there to begin with.

Think of it like the snowdrifts of our Michigan winters.  When the snow falls and the wind blows, snow settles in uneven drifts, but when the weather gets warm, it all melts at the same time leaving the largest mounds for last.

So just focus on working out your whole body and not focusing on specific areas for fat loss.  Track your progress by how you perform, whether it’s lifting a few more reps than last time, or pushing another half-mile on a run or bike ride.

The fat will come off if you just keep working at it!


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