We’re Ready for Zombies

2012 is the coming of the apocalypse (at least, according to the frantic, shrill conspiracy theorists who put too much stock into doomsday predictions drawn loosely from observations about a civilization that couldn’t even predict its own destruction…).  The zombies will rise, and we will be ready.

After participating in the first Warrior Dash held in Michigan, the Zombie Response Team was formed to tackle Warrior Dash’s return to Mt. Morris, MI in 2012.  And we’ll even have t-shirts!

ZRT12 is all about training, preparing, eating right, getting fit, and getting healthy.  Sure, WD12 might be the goal, but that doesn’t mean that the information and tips can’t be used in daily life outside of training for one of the craziest races ever devised!

If you’re in Michigan (or are willing to travel here), and a member of the 501st Legion or Rebel Legion, or hang out at Sherwood Brewing Company, or know someone who does, join us!  You don’t have to be a drinker or Star Wars fan, but it helps.


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